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Domiciliary market up by 4%
THE value of the UK domiciliary care market grew by four per cent in 2007 and is now believed to be worth £51.91b. 
The findings of a report published by Market and Business Development Ltd found that the value of the market is believed to have increased by a cumulative 18 per cent over the past five years. 
An ageing population combined with Government initiatives to promote independent living and an emphasis on reducing demand for residential care through improving domiciliary services are believed to be the main reasons for the positive market development. 
However, figures show that the number of people receiving homecare is declining, although the average value of contracts has increased.

Campaign for list of providers
COUNCILS should be forced to publish lists of home care providers to help pensioners decide who they use. 
Tamworth MP Brian Jenkins is leading a campaign to force councils to make it clearer for people to  
plan for the future and put money aside to pay for basic care requirements such as help getting out of bed, showered and dressed in the morning. 
He said it is time to act now and go back to basics as the elderly population of the country increases, and is calling for authorities to publish a breakdown of costs for everything an elderly person living in their own home could need. 
'It is all well and good having all of these general grand plans and human rights bills in place but what people really want to know is how it will affect them at an individual level."
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