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Cash-strapped pensioners cut homecare
By Dominic Musgrave 
HOMECARE services are being stopped or cut by some elderly people who can't afford the bills, according to new research. 
The National Centre for Independent Living report for the Coalition on Charging reveals that rising charges for homecare can mean some clients can't afford to eat, heat their homes, wash or get essential support. 
Sue Bott, chair of the Coalition on Charging and NCIL director, said: 'The shocking reality is that people needing support are being forced to choose between eating properly and using vital care services. 
'Restricted access to social services and increased charges for support has had a huge impact on the day to day lives of disabled people, older people and their families."

Thousands 'denied home help'
By Dominic Musgrave 
THOUSANDS of elderly and disabled people are being denied home help because of government funding cuts, according to a report. 
Research by the Local Government Association (LGA) found that almost three out of four councils are no longer providing lower level care, including help with basic daily living, such as eating and washing. 
The LGA's Fair Care campaign says the system of care needs to be simplified and more adequately funded to ensure people get the care they deserve. 
Spokesman Coun David Rogers said: 'It is obvious that the social care system is in need of long-term reform and the consultation launched by the Government is a positive move.  
'There is a need to think creatively about how we will pay for the care of an ageing population and it is vital that the public are involved in the debate about reforming a service that touches so many people's lives."
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