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New approach could transform health and social care delivery
TELEHEALTHCARE is a new approach to care and support which could radically transform health and social care delivery according to the head of a leading charity.  
In his keynote speech entitled 'Putting People First', Counsel and Care's chief executive Stephen Burke told the audience at Tunstall's 'Meeting Tomorrow's Challenges' conference that is an exciting time for the industry. 
'This is a phenomenal time for the care sector,' he added. 'Our time has come and there are lots of different strategies being launched.  
'The care and support given to people is changing rapidly in this country and telehealthcare is a key part of the personalisation of care and provision agenda.

Regulator question for industry
THE homecare industry is going to be asked whether it wants a regulator by the General Social Care Council (GSCC). 
Research by Skills for Care which was co-sponsored by the GSCC found that the majority of direct payment employers felt that an official list of registered workers to assist them in recruitment would be useful, with nine out of 10 personal assistants thinking registration was a good idea and that it should be introduced on a compulsory basis.  
GSCC chief executive Mike Wardle said: 'We are interested to see that the majority of employers support the idea of an official list of registered workers to assist them in finding suitable personal assistants and that the workers also support the idea of registration."
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